Green-lighting Ourselves

Picture every four year old you have ever encountered.

They are self-absorbed and needy of a juice box, a nap, to be carried, etc. You name it, they need it.

They are also incredible balls of self-adoration. They always want to show they’re newest toy or their shoes off. They want to bless us with their presence.

All of the sudden a switch flips, their eyes wander over to their mom or dad. Maybe this is the age where they learn what it means to be annoying, or to let grown-ups focus, or to maybe be careful around others. They start to wonder if their monologue about their new shoes has gone on too long, or if they are in the way.

This beautiful ball of pure consciousness slowly becomes self-conscious. In order to survive in this world we have to adhere to weird rules and become less self-aware. It’s nothing a well-meaning parent can control – it is our social construct and if it doesn’t come from them, it will come from another authority figure.

We lose our true selves and we spend the rest of our adult lives trying to figure out why we’re feeling lost or inauthentic.

So today, if you’re labeling yourself as a bother, write down a few ways in which you are the following affirmations.

  1. I am worthy.
  2. I am delight.
  3. I have stuff to offer.

Next time someone compliments your outfit, rather than saying “What? This old thing?” – tap into your inner child and give yourself the green-light to be the blessing that you are.

Always unlearning,



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