Can science stop self-sabotage?

Food. I love it more than anyone else I know. “Moderation in moderation” has been my life motto.

My earliest favorite food combo was Cadbury’s chocolate and apple juice, and the sensation it gave the roof of my mouth. I didn’t stop there though, I tried anything I could get my hands on – and liked it. Even escargot at the age of 4. Plain and simple, food gives me a visceral feeling of joy and brings me back to childhood comforts.

I would have loved to have only been introduced to greens, quinoa, and lemon water as my taste buds were developing… But that’s just not how the cookie crumbled. Now, I struggle to practice self-control on a daily basis so, I’ve decided to try putting my faith in science! SCIENCE TAKE THE WHEEL.

I’m an endomorph body-type. Guys, it would be so great if I decided to be a bodybuilder because I have the genetic structure for it. Sadly, this also means I have the capacity to gain a lot of weight if I’m not hitting the gym. Endomorphs are curvier and heavier-set on the bottom half of their body. Some sexy examples: J Lo, Scarlett Johansson, Kim K, dare I even say, Beyonce.Image result for endomorph female body type

Endomorphs can shed weight and gain muscle really well on a paleo diet (fruits, meat, fish, fats from nuts, etc) aka a Caveman diet. BUT, what does a pasta and bread loving, sweet-tooth do in this situation?

Did you know we have 8 hunger hormones in our body? They can be controlled just by types of foods. Good controllers? Deep green veg and high fiber foods. Sadly, my favorite foods only trigger those hunger hormones to wreak havoc on my carb/added sugar intake.

Did you also know that, for some folks, eating breakfast after a morning workout can be more effective for weight loss? Get this, the less glucose in your system, the more fat you will burn. If your muscles don’t have as much sugar to draw from, they will tap into your stored energy, aka your surplus fat!

For those endomorphs out there, try eating hearty meals 3 times a day rather than the popular idea of 6 small meals. Why? Because that means half as many insulin spikes in a day. High insulin levels stop fat loss and cause weight gain. It is impossible to have high levels of insulin in your system while burning fat at the same time. So, have a high protein, healthy fat and high fiber meal 3 x a day (even egg-whites and a couple rashers of bacon for breakfast). Lots of good calories, 3 times a day.

Lastly, after each meal, allow 5 hours with no additional food for digestion. That’s how long it takes your body to actually use up the food and reach the “burn zone”.

Try and measure your food, count the calories and most importantly the macros using MyFitnessPal. That’s the best way to ensure you’re having a balanced diet and not overdoing the proteins, carbs or fats.


What you choose to eat is all up to your own body chemistry. I just wanted to share these quick pro-tips because I rarely hear any science-backed advice that is easy to understand.

Try it out if this resonated with you. I would love to hear what your experience is with it! I had a surprising amount of energy for this morning’s workout and was able to last 3-4 hours without thinking of snacks. I did experience a little lightheadedness – but my body is hooked on sugar and missing its fix for today. A little fruit did the trick.

Happy Lunes guys,


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